Photography and Video

Khao Yai National Park has some stunning views of mountains and grasslands, fertile forests, trees and many kinds of flowers as well as wildlife. Visitors naturally want to capture these images as a souvenir. Photography nowadays is not difficult with all sorts of equipment to make it more convenient.

Recommendations for photographic equipment : A digital camera is exceptionally suitable to record images of nature. Resolution should be more than 3 megapixels with a 3X optical zoom And at least 64 MB of memory with a built-in flash, in point-and-shoot mode. The battery should be rechargeable and you


Things to beware of when photographing nature and wildlife


No. 1 Don’t alter nature to stage a photo
No. 2 Please put the animals first. if your photography will disturb the animals you should stop, such as the case of birds laying eggs or feeding their fledglings.


For those who want to take photos or videos for commercial benefits in National Park area,

please inform the Department of National Parks Wildlife and Plant Conservation

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