DNP E-Ticket

DNP E-ticket are sold through the QueQ app.
In order to facilitate the tourists who use the service in the national park.

For guest

     Visitors can purchase national park tickets through the "QueQ" application and pay via debit cards, credit cards and cross-bank bill payments or PromptPay.
     After payment you will receive a confirmation of payment through your registered e-mail and a QR code in the “QueQ” application to show the officials to verify the information and confirm the entrance to the National Park.
     Visitors can request receipts. and/or a statement and amount of expenses in the application “QueQ” the receipt will be delivered later.

"QueQ" download link

1. App Store:

2. Google Play:

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For business touring guide 

     More than 50 tickets can be purchased
Register and purchase ticket :

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